Beginning in 7th grade, classes conduct fundraisers to raise money to fund their senior class trip. Traditionally, seniors take a week-long trip during the school's spring vacation. The students work with their senior adviser to determine a destination that they can afford and enjoy. The students are accompanied on this trip by adult chaperones. 

Fundraising Roles and Responsibilities
Parents: Parents are encouraged to assist the students with raising these funds. The first step you would take is to introduce a specific idea to the students' class adviser for the year. 

Students: Students take an active leadership role in raising the funds to meet their senior class trip goal.  By working as a team, they share responsibilities and spread their fundraising efforts across all six of their secondary school years. 

Staff Advisers: It is the class adviser's  responsibility to approve all fundraising proposals prior to submission to the school principal. The adviser's role is to help the students with communicating and planning the fundraising event(s).

To Submit a Fundraising Proposal
1. A student and/or parent with a fundraising idea checks all of the classes' fundraising website pages and the school's website calendar to be certain there is not a conflict or duplication of another fundraiser.
2. If there is no date and/or idea conflict, the student and/or parent proposes it to the class and adviser through a class meeting. 
3. If approved by the class, the adult taking responsibility for the fundraiser completes a fundraising activity form and submits it to the class adviser. The adult taking responsibility is expected to supervise the fundraising activity. 
4. The class adviser submits the proposal form to the school principal. The responsible adult and adviser will receive a copy of the approved/disapproved activity. 

During and After the Fundraiser
1. All students in a class are expected to support the fundraiser in some way. 
2. The adult taking responsibility for the fundraiser must be present to assist and supervise the students. 
3. The adult and class treasurer must count any monies received during the fundraiser and the adult must safeguard the funds until they can be given to the school secretary. The school secretary will provide a receipt that must be signed by the class treasurer. 
4. All monies collected must be deposited. Any adults who are owed monies for fundraiser- related supplies must submit to the school's business office a reimbursement request form with receipts. Under no circumstances may a person be reimbursed from funds collected at the fundraiser. 
5. The school secretary deposits the funds into the class's account. The class treasurer is responsible for maintaining a record of class funds earned to be verified with the school business manager on a regular basis. 

The following grades have priority over the listed fundraising activities:
7th Grade- Spring Concert Dinner
8th Grade- Play Dinner
9th Grade- Spring Concert Dessert Auction and Holiday Concert Dinner
10th Grade- Holiday Concert Dessert Auction and School Store
11th Grade- Spring Golf Tournament at Hay Harbor
12th Grade- Fall Golf Tournament at Hay Harbor, Holiday Wreaths, and Mobil Dock Soda Machine
Yearbook- Community Calendars

Fundraiser Application

Classes that wish to hold a fundraiser must have their class adviser fill out and hand in a fundraising application for approval from the Principal.

Click here to access the Fundraiser Application.

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